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Fridge disposal in West Yorkshire

All councils in West Yorkshire provide a bulky waste special collection service that will remove an old fridge or freezer.
The amount they charge varies from council to council.
Choose your local council below for details.

Bradford - fridge disposal in Bradford, Bingley, Kieghley, Ilkley and Wharfdale
Calderdale - fridge disposal in Halifax,  Todmordon, Hebden Bridge,  Brighouse and Elland.
Kirklees - fridge freezer disposal in Huddersfield, Batley, and Dewsbury

Wakefield - fridge disposal in Pontefract, South Emshall, Wakefield and Featherstone.

Lowest charging council in West Yorkshire: Calderdale, Leeds and Kiklees councils all offer free fridge and freezer collection

Highest charging councils in West Yorkshire: Cheap to get a fridge collected in West Yorkshire unless you happen to live in Bradford when it will cost you 15.00

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