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All councils in the North East provide a bulky waste special collection service that will take away your old fridge or freezer.
The amount they charge varies considerably.
Click on your local council for details.

Chester-le-Street District Council
£5.00 up to six items
Derwentside District Council
Durham City Council
Unpublished charge. Contact 0191 301 8499
Easington District Council

Sedgefield Borough Council
Teesdale District Council
£10.00 up to 3 items
Wear Valley District Council

Lowest charging council in Durham: Both Easington District Council and Sedgefield Borough council offer free fridge and freezer recylcling collection services.

Highest charging councils in: Teesdale and Derwentside Council's both charge £10.00 to collect your old fridge or freezer. Cheap by national standards but steep for the North East.


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