How to dispose of your old fridge or freezer safely  
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Adur District Council
£29.15 - up to 3 items

Arun District Council
private contractor - no details provided

Chichester District Council

£33.00 - up to 3 items

Crawley Borough Council

Horsham District Council
CALL 01403 733144 FOR CHARGES

Mid Sussex District Council
£23.00 per fridge

Worthing Borough Council
Ring 0845 0452244 for a quote

These are the Councils in West Sussex that provide bulk waste collection services that collect old fridges and freezers.

Disappointingly the lowest charge is a wapping £23.00 from Mid-Sussex District Council. Chichester District Council want a massive £33 to collect your old fridge or freezer.

Even further from a public service ethos are Arun District Council, Horsham District Council and Worthing Borough Council who are unable to provide this simpleinformation on there website. You have to ring their private contractors for a quote - rest assured that it will not be cheap.

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